Wednesday, 4 May 2011

The Week That Was.

Boker Tov:
When friends, it has been quite a week.
Last Thrusady we woke to the news of six states being hit by killer storms that wiped out homes, lives and whole Friday, the future king of England, Prince Williams was married. Now known as the Duke and Duchness of Cambridge, they couple has begun their new live together and most of the people of the world wish them the best.

This Sunday, the Vatcan took the next step in making the late Pope JohnPaul a staint.
And in the Reel house, we were preparing to remember Holoust Remembance Day which started @ sunset.
On this day, we remember those six million Jews who were send to their deaths for being Jews. Hilter's "Final Solution" And sadly Hilter got his idea from the writings of Martin Luther.
But other also went to the gas chambers. Six thousend Jehovah's Witnesses, Russians, Gyspies, the elderly as well as those "rightious gentiles" who worked to save Jewish lives.
In the Reel home, we remember and honour their lives as well.

And then there was that Breaking News later that evening....
Mark and I were up late Sunday evening and about to head for bed when we heard the breaking news. The TV was on Fox, which meant the news was coming in real time.
Mark and I finished up what we were doing, listening.
What could be so important that it's announced after ten o clock?
I said to Mark, someone died. With recent events, I thought it was  Libya's Colonial.Muammar al-Gaddafi.
But then, out of the blue Geraldo Rivera said: "could it be Bin Laden?"
Where did that com from?
Twenty minutes later, the news was indeed that Bib Laden was dead.
Good guess (?????) Mr. Rivera.
Interesting that the news "broke" during Donald Trump's show, The Apprentice.
We listened to the President's speech and then, after shutting everything down, headed for bed.
Yes, we saw the celebrations on TV.
We didn't join in.
Bin Laden was pure evil. He needed to go before destroying any more lives. We gave thanks that justice was finally served.
But we do enjoy in any man's death; even our enemies.
Before bed, we prayed for those in the South, still reeling from the killer storms and for the families, friends and survivors of 9-11.
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