Friday, 26 July 2013

Oh Deer

A week ago today, Mark, Monti and I took a friend to the Veteran's Hospital for an examine.
Since it would be a couple of hours, we thought an outing at the nearby park in Helena would be a great idea.
After dropping Mike off, we were slowly driving out of the parking lot, when I shouted; "Deer! Stop the car!"
Of course Mark thought I said "DEAR! Stop the car."
Good thing we were only going about 10 miles per.
I jumped out the car with my trusty camera. It was then Mark realize what I was yelling about.
Leaving the VA center, I caught this picture...

A young Doe, rather thin, was leaving the grounds of the VA center...
At first I thought I had frighten her and she was running from me. Until I saw who she was running to...
Twin Fawns.

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