Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Shalom In The West

Well the Reel Tribe has been in Montana four months now.
Lots going on.
Good news, Mark has found a part-time job. He is now working the grave-yard shift at Town Pump, akin to a 7-11 in the South. He likes it and likes the people he works with. Not his dream job, but it will help us we start to rebuild our lives.
Things are also moving with his VA claim. While we were in Virginia, it still wasn't even being looked at. Here, however, things are moving right along and we hope to get an answer soon.
And Monti? Well, the little guy is in heaven. All the trees he could ever want or dream up. A huge backyard to run wild and free. And of course, great places to go for nice long walks.
As for, I am slowly recovering from all that happen. I am blessed to be in a safe, no fear of being evicted or kicked out. I am receiving intense therapy and have been blessed with the greatest doctors, nurses and counselor's around. And of course, Mark has been the greatest blessing and huge part of the healing progress.
A huge part of this is due to the fact that Mark is studying all he can about Bipolar II, Border-line Personality Disorder and PTSD. Knowing that your spouse wants to be part of your healing teams is amazing. Not every person is so blessed.
Oh have had those who have suggested I get the "devil casted out of me," "it's all in my head" (Really???) and my personal favourite, "if you stop calling yourself sick and call yourself heal, you will break this curse!"
Sadly those of us who suffer from mental disorders have to learn to deal with such negative folk. They don't see their "wise counsel" actually makes things worse. That if they even bother to study, read and then pray with wisdom, insight and compassion, that goes so much farther than blaming the devil and your weak mind.
In order to heal and to remain mentality healthy, I have had to make the choice of removing negative folk from my circles. In some cases, I just have to limit my time with them, for they are family. But I do draw very fine boundaries.
It is part of the progress.
Another huge part that G-d is using to heal my mind, body and soul is Montana itself. What an amazing state. No wonder it is called Big Sky Country.
We are blessed to, for the time being, to live in a small town in the mountains. I swear our little town is just outside the Door of Heaven. For Montana is just a slice, just a taste of heaven right here on earth; big and wide, spacious and it goes on forever and ever.
G-d called us to Montana. For a fresh, new start. To heal Mark of the wounds we have suffered over the past several years. For me to recover from my breakdown and pursuit my dream of being an Artist. For our little Monti to run free and just enjoy being a dog.
Slowly, surely, we are finding Shalom once again.
In Montana.
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