Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Wool Gathering

One of the nice things about living in the mountains of Montana, there is never an dull moment.
Take for example some of my family members.
We share a home with two wolf hybrids, a wolf, a cat and of course, our Monti. We have to keep Monti and the wolf cubs from each other.
They touch noses outside at the gate, but that's it.
The wolf and Monti are cool. They share the same backyard and even touch noses from time to time.
And then there is Monti and the Cat...
That's another story....
JJ, the wolf is rather timid, it is taking some time for him to get use to Mark and I. We get along with Queenie (the cat) and the wolf cubs, they are now use to us and we can even pet and rub tummies. But always mindful, they are wolf hybrids.
Every day is a learning experience. For example, in the summer time, wolves shed their heavy undercoat. That under coat is wool.
So last week, since I take care of the backyard where the Wolf and the  Papillion play, I was asked to pick up JJ's wool.
So I send part of my Monday afternoon Wool Gathering.
I did not expect it to be as soft as lamb's wool. It's a pity I don't know how to spin, otherwise, I could start collecting JJ's wool and spin it into yard. Would make a nice blanket in the winter time.
Maybe I shall look into spinning classes. If not at a local college, then maybe online.
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