Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Walking Bulll

Yesterday, just around noon, I was looking out the living room window when I saw a huge, black object walking up our driveway.
It was a Bull.
Yes, I said Bull.
At first thinking I was once again seeing things, I closed my eyes and shook my head to clear it. But when I opened them again, there he stood, looking at the window, as if to say; "yes ma'am, I am really a Bull."
My first thought was, he's standing in the garden, but since the gate was closed, that wasn't so. But then he kept walking and I said out loud, "there's a Bull in the driveway."
Mark came to the window to see what I was talking about. But it was gone.
I went out to the front porch, the Bull was no where in sight.
Mark and his cousin Jay looked at me, not seeing a thing."
"There is nothing there, Laini,' Mark said, now worried that I was slowly beginning to have another melt down.
The family was kind, but concern because I have been known to see unicorns from time to time. But to mistake a possible deer, moose or horse for a bull....?
I was in tears. I knew what I saw! After four months of living in Montana, I now know the difference between a bull, horse and moose. The bull even looked like it belonged to the herd down the street.
So I went downstairs and got my camera, I just knew it was coming back.
About twenty minutes, it did.....
 This time, walking on the other side of our garden, came the bull. He even was kind enough to stay still so I could take this picture,
Once I showed the picture to Mark's aunt, all doubt was removed. Then Jay, who was still on the porch, turned around and cried: "Holy Cow! there's a bull in our yard!"
Animal control was called and the owner contracted. Soon, the bull was headed back out towards town, where we hope its owner found him.
And no one was more relieved to know my brain wasn't playing tricks on me, than myself. For a second, Mark was ready to call my therapist.
So how was your Tuesday?
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