Thursday, 25 July 2013

The Future King George

Meet His Royal Highness, Prince George Alexander Louis of Cambridge.
A big name, for a tiny little guy, but he will grow into it.
The picture says it all; the look of love the Duke has for his son, the look of wonder and pride and just a little fear as he realizes he holds in his arms a tiny bit of humanity, his child and this child is totality relying on him
Little Prince George has no idea he will one day be King. That he is even a royal prince. His biggest task is to just to adjust to this big, beautiful world he has been born into.
Like any of us really have.
As I watched the Duke and Duchess make their first appearance with their son, I couldn't help but remember another summer day years ago, when another Princess came out with her newborn son to cheering crowds....
Diana, handing to Charles their first born, William....Kate, handing to William their first born...
Such bittersweet memories...
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