Tuesday, 19 October 2010

The Heart of the House

Boker Tov:
It is a beauitful autumn morning. A bit cool, but sunny.
Mornings are still hard, but a lovely time in our home.
Because David sleeps in our little Shul (prayer room/ study) we moved everything but the ark that contains the torah scroll into the Dinningroom.

The white curtain was put up to mark off the dinningroom as our prayer room. When closed it means we are in prayer and/ study. The wash basin and towel is set up for hand washing.
Which makes for some interesting times.
Before bedtime, we roll over the special prayer rugs that denotes that the room is now a place of prayer. We set a special placemat at the head of the table for the scriptures, the prayer books and the devotional we are reading and hang the prayer shawls.
In the morning, before sunrise, we rise for prayer.
After prayer, we put the prayer things away and setup for the rest of the day.
I realize yesterday that this brought our place of prayer and study in the heart of our home, front and center.
We rather like the look, the fact that our prayer, study and meals are taken in the same room, that this house is indeed a house a prayer.
So, as we look for a new home, we shall be looking for a large Dinning Room, not just for the enteraining of our guest, but to bring our home shul front and center.
Not a bad idea, really.

We are also doing some rearranging. So that I have a place in the house to call my own and since we are looking to move next year, the large coffee table is being moved into storeage and my things, like my laptop and quilting will be moved into the "Lady's Chamber," as Mark calls it.
I am so excited. Finally! a place that is truly my; to think, study, pray, create. Someplace to just rest for an hour or so, unwind. I haven't had that kind of space and time in months and it has wore on my nerves.
Though getting out to walk has helped.
Funny, Mark now kicks me out of the house, with a smile on his face: "Go for a walk!"
He says he is taking care of the Heart of the Home. For when the wife is happy, everyone is happy.
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