Friday, 22 October 2010

A Lost Ring, A Found Love.

A few days ago,  Mark notice his wedding band wasn't where he usually left it.
It was one of our rare evenings alone and we were planning to visit a friend in hosptial and then go out for supper.
It was at this time Mark could not find his ring.
For two hours we searched the house.
Mark had gone to the market eariler in the day and while there, used the Men's water closet. So maybe he left it on the edge of the wash basin and some good soul found the ring and turned it in.
It wasn't there.
David returned home from choir practice and helped in the search.
Still, nothing.
Finally, after another hour had passed,  Mark found it.
I hadn't been feeling well earlier in the morning and Mark had came back into the bedroom, laying down to comfort me. He had placed the ring on the nightstand and the ring fell off the stand and laid on the floor, next to our bed.
While I wasn't really upset, for I knew it was just a matter of time before we found it, Mark was beside himself. So careful he is with his wedding band, he kept saying over and over again, "I don't do this!"
The man was in tears as he searched, going through jeans and dress pant pockets, panicing that he might have dropped it at the Gym.
What I saw was a man in love with his wife. That the very disappearance, though brief that it was, of that which is a sign of our convernat and commitment, would throw him into a tailspin.
We have been fussying the past few days and frankly, we didn't like each other at that time. But seeing the mad search, the panic on my face, all the petty stuff that had upset me went out the window.
G-d hid that ring (yes, I believe that) so that Mark and I would remember what is important.
One day David will leave us. One day,  G-d willing, we shall have and family. But those children will too go up and begin lives of their own. One day Mark will retire from the military.
But our relationship with G-d, with each other shall remain.
With the finding of Mark's ring, we remembered the love that it represents.
Sometimes lost can be a good thing.
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