Thursday, 28 October 2010

In the Pink

Well it is that time of the year. October is Breast Cancer awarness month.
I could be wrong, but I think this disease has touched all of our lives in some form of fashion. Whether we had a friend or family memeber who had Breast Cancer or knew someone.
I know many who have surivived; several of my friends did not. I write this in tribute of their memory.
Two of our local grocery stores, The Market and Farm Fresh are selling pink grocery bags as a fund raiser for the Cancer Assocation.
As you can see, Mark is modeling one of our bags.
Mark too is a Cancer survivor, given his clean bill of health last month. The very first person Mark and I met when Mark started his treatment was a Major who was coming in for his yearly exmaine. He had breast cancer.
Mark looked at me in shock.
 "Men can get breast cancer, too," I answered.
The Major went on to exmaine that his mother had breast cancer and one day he notice a lump. Thought it was a bruise from working out.
Good thing he had it checked.
So now, (this may be way too mcu imformation, but people are dying from a lack of knowelge.) both Mark and I do breast exmaines.
Men, you CAN get it too.
So we are doing our part buying using our pink shopping bags to make people aware the fight goes on and maybe, just maybe in our life time, G-d willing, we shall see a cure of not just Breast cancer, but all forms of cancer.
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