Monday, 18 October 2010

Has it Been A Month?????

Shalom: Has it really been almost a month since I last wrote?
I knew life had been crazy and I was ready to commit myself. Now I know why; I haven't been to one of my emotional outlets.
But then, I have been rather emotional lately.
Ok, other me--enough of the wise cracks.
Anyhow, with David still with us, working out all the ins and outs of our joined lives, there have been those moments I have indeed wondered of my own state of mind.
Mark finished the Wounded Warrior Program and is doing well. He was off his medication for a few days, waiting for a refill, but otherwise he is my rock.
 David is doing very well. This week we learn if the doctor will release him to return to work.

It has been a trying time for Mark and I. I confess we have actually exchanged words more in the past several weeks than we have in the five years we have been married.
The tension has been high, because we have not wanted to face a hard truth. We had expected David's church to help carry the load, realizing that we were a married couple, Mark was on leave, to help with meals, laundry, visits, etc. We needed help getting David to and from doctors. David, being a social person needed the company of the many friends he has.
Few have called or visited.
Once we faced the fact we were pretty much flying solo and spoke to David about this, the tension eased up.
One of the excuses we heard about not helping with meals is that we keep kosher.
Some excuse. Like one can't find kosher recipes online.
I am truly thankful for the few people who indeed in the Name and Love of G-d to David, assisting Mark and I in David's care. Even the few who realize a married couple need some time and space.
May G-d bless each one.
Mark and I have walked through this fire, becoming even closer. Our faith in G-d, His Torah and His ways assured.
My faith in people however....not so much.
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