Wednesday, 20 October 2010

A Little Chilly: Cookie Time

This morning I awoke with my left hip hurting.
Arthritis decided to visit me today.
So Mark started the monring off with prayer and then made breakfast for everyone.
I was slow moving, but after a warm shower and a pain pill, I was off.
The guys cleaned up the kitchen and are now peeling pototoes.
I am making pototoe soup for supper. It is nice for the insides on a chilly day.
I also plan to make lential soup and freeze it for later in the week. Also a nice heartly meal,plus loaded with iron. Which I need plenty of.
And because of Mark and David's hard work, I will also bake cookies
Everyone needs a chocolate chip now and then,
Cooking helps to improve my mood as well as blesses my household. With the shorter days, I feel myself becoming depressed. And one good way to break depression is to do something for someone else.
It gets your mind off you.
Think I shall take some of the cookies to my upstairs neighors as well.
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