Sunday, 24 October 2010

A Quiet Love, A Sweet Love

They say that women are like wine: they get better with age.
I believe that is true with both men as well as marriage as well.
Mark and I are working on our laptops, soon to close them and spend some few precious hours we have alone.
And though he is just across the dinningroom table from me, I feel the love he has for me.
It is funny how you can know that someone loves you just from their presence.
Maybe its the every ten minutes or so that he looks up from the keyboard and gives me a smile. And my knowing he is about to look at me and I glaze up, waiting.
Being with G-d is like that too. Sometimes I feel His Presence in times of a Temple Service or Torah Study. But sometimes I feel G-d's love, Presence in simple things; like the a soft breeze, the lick on the hand from a puppy or my husband's smile.
Relationships, whether human or heavenly take time to grow. And they grow sweeter, like a fine wine.
Mark and I have gone through these past four months.
I once said I would follow Mark into hell itself, for I knew heaven would be on the other side.
Frankly, the past four months we have indeed gone through hell together. The fire was a revealer of what is right about our marriages and also revealed a few cracks that needed our attention.
The World to Come is still in our future; but a bit of heaven's glory shines in our home even now.
After the four month storm, I am finally beginning to see the rainbow.
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