Friday, 29 April 2011

Mark and Laini Do the Royal Wedding Part One

Like many around the world, Mark and I were up to watch the Royal Wedding.
It is during these times that I reminder of the following words; "there is a time to weep and a time to rejoice. There is a time to be born and a time to die. Sometimes it is all in the same day.

Yes, there is much sorrow and pain in life. But there is also much joy.
Friends of ours had their first born child this week, a boy.
Mummie told me of a friend of hers who passed away.
Winds and waves swept through the South, destroying homes and taking lives.
And amoung those rejoicing in the gift of Marriage this week is the Prince William and his beloved kate.
And G-d the Creator of Mankind was there with each, rejoicing and weeping with each.

So, at 4am, thanks to my beloved setting the clock, Mark and I were up.
Mark later said he was indeed glad he got up and watched the wedding with me.
So I would like to share some of the highlights of our morning...
My sweet Mark, as always, made coffee for us. At 4 am, we were going to need it. But he forgot to drink his....
So here I am, trying to take a picture of Kate's gown. Of course I should have known I wasn't going to get a full shot until she got to the church.
"Mark, check out the hat. Mark...."
"Yeah, sure baby..."
And then came that magic moment when we finally got to see the dress....

"Yeah, it's a lovely gown."
"Sorry, baby. She is beautiful, but not as beautiful as you were on our wedding day."
Nice save.
It was a lovely wedding.....
  ....soon I heard a sound from the sofa....

"I'm awake, baby, just resting my eyes..."

And then he stood up and came and sat next to me.
We were both moved by the service, the touching moments between the two boys, the bride and groom and of course who could not a bit sad that William's mother, Diana, wasn't there.
Mark thought the kiss was far too short and that it was cool William took his new bride for a spin in Prince Charles's car.
I even saw a few tears.
Yes, Vriginia, REEL MEN cry at weddings.
 Huge husband points, sweetheart.
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