Thursday, 28 April 2011

A Nation Weeps

Laili Tov:
It seems strange to write this post.
After writing about rejoicing with a bride and groom, to turn around, to remember that there are people in this country who have lost everything because of the storms that have ripped through the South.
I know, I am waiting to hear about family memebers and friends.
Some I know are ok. Others, no word yet.
The last count is over 270 people dead. Neighourhod wiped off the face of the earth. It is so hard to get ones mind around.
I remember standing in front of the TV, shaking my head; How do I even begin to pray?
For some, this is proof there is no G-d, because no loving G-d would allow this.
For others, it is thanks be to G-d because it could have been alot worse.
Right now, all I can utter is "Dear G-d!" And cry with the thousends of others who are at a lost.
"Blessed Art Thou O L-rd, King of the Universe, The Only Right and True Judge."
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