Monday, 11 April 2011

My Little Buddy

This afternoon, I had to go and check on my little buddy Koda and his family.
For those who don't know, Koda is a Corgi; his mummie has a whole blog about him.
I met Betty and Koda when AOL still had their Journals. I had just started this one to keep family and friends inform about Mark's incoming deployment.
There have been another since.
This is when I found Betty's blog about Koda and we became friends. Betty and her family prayed for Mark and I, even send special homecoming gifts when Mark came back.
We love to read Betty's blog and find out what out little buddy is up.

So imagine our shock to learn several weeks ago that our Koda has Lymphoma and was now recieving chemotherapy. I remember trying to get the words out and Mark coming over and reading the rest of the entry for me. Our Koda had cancer.
Since we ourselves have faced this battle, we are standing with Betty and her family, praying for our little guy's healing.
I know to many that it sounds strange that G-d would heal a dog, that He would even care.
Well, G-d cares for all of His creatures. If we love them so much, I can only imagine His love for each dog, cat and pony.
Though I still have a problem with pet snakes.
So, if you think about it, please for Koda and his family
And Koda, we love you :)

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