Saturday, 9 April 2011

A Quiet Shabbbat

It is evening now in the Reel house.
Mark is sreading over one of his beloved science books. He is now tutoring two students in sciences and he loves it.
I am catching up with some blogging. Events of the past several weeks have left  me with a hit and miss and I hope to correct that.

Today Mark and I attended services at Temple Isreal here in Norfolk. The service began at 9:30 am and we sat right behind my hebrew teacher. Four of her students showed up for service and she was thrilled. Her father is the rabbi and he welcomed us all.
The service was wonderful and moving for me. While the service is often at parts in english, it is mostly in hebrew and frankly is helpful in learning of the holy tongue. The air was filled an awe, an holiness; you knew where you stood was holy and not to be taken lightly. I don't mean a quaking in your shoes and your going to be striken with death if you smiled, just an awareness, you knew beforw Who you stood.
After lunch and a nice talk with friend, Mark and I came home and took a nice long nap.
The house was quiet, peaceful.
My soul was quiet. I laid with my head upon my husband's chest, listening to his heartbeat. That is shabbat.
Mark began to stroke my hair and said: "These are the moments I like for."
Me too.
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