Friday, 8 April 2011

Spring: A New Beginning

I know I haven't on for a while.
Needed to do some housecleaning.
It is that time of the year: Preparing for Passover.
This means going through the house, room by room, finding all the crumbles and forgotten goodies, ridding the house of leaven before we can partake of the Passover lamb.
We are buying a grill this year, so we can roast out leg of lamb.
Now, if we can only find a place to do so. Our beloved landlord doesn't permit grilling or cook-outs.
Since is one of the many reasons why we are looking for a house of our home.

As we clean the house, few week ago, I saw G-d doing an interesting thing in my personal life.
There were relationships that had to go as well. Toxic relationships. Relationship that served no purpose; not even friendship. Relationships that drained me, that drained Mark and I of time and emotions.
I saw as I grew and change, there were people in my life who could not handle the changes; they shook up the false imagine they had of me.
Having been abused and bullied when I was growing up, as an adult, wtih couseling, I recieved the help and healing I needed and found my vvoice.
And there are those who don't like it.
Get over it, Cupcake :)

Even Mark and I have sat down and had a very long talk about how we have changed and grown. How we as a couple are stronger, even healther than we were six months ago.
And that is what this time of the year is all about. With the passing of winter into spring, we open our windows (if it is warm enough and there is no snow) and allow the fresh air to blow through the house, airing it out.
In our souls, we allow the Light of G-d to shine into us, allowing His breath to blow through air out our spirits until they are fresh and new.
Passover, like Spring itself is a new fresh, new beginning.
Spring: a gracious, loving gift from the Holy One.
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