Thursday, 28 April 2011

A Night to Remember Always

Boker Tov;

Well, I'm back.
First, thanks to all for their birthday wishes to my son Aries, my sister and my beloved Mark. I shall be posting pictures of his birthday cake later.

Passover and the Feast of Unleaven Bread ended Tuesday evening.
So sad :( We already miss it.
It was such a joyious time. As anyone who reads our blog knows, The Feast of the L-rd are just a taste of heaven. Yes, they teach heavenly truths and a wonderful way to share our faith and past it onto our children.
But is not the main purpose. The main purpose is worship.
Ever wish you had more time to study Torah (the bible) to sing and dance before and with the Holy One? That you could spend time in prayer, time with family and friends without looking at the clock?
That is the purpose of Shabbat and the High Holy Days. This is what it means to "taste and see the L-rd is good." This is what it means to "rest in the L-rd."

I work like the dickens for thirty days for that when the Feast come, I don't work. We put money aside so that we don't have to worry about bills and such. We are "away with G-d."
How often I have heard folks complain about not "getting to eat pizza, bread, pie, cake," or my favorite: "when do you get to eat 'real food'?"
Well, we do eat "real food." As the weather permits, Mark grills lamb or chicken, we have spring greens and veggie salads, fruits, etc.
But I don't find the commandments of the Holy One a bunden.
The Torah says "return the leaven from you home." So I remove the leaven. He says to "eat matza, unleaven bread for seven days."
This is not a suggestion, but a commandment. It reminds me that on the night of 14 Nisian, The Angel of Death "Passovered" our doors and G-d freed us with His strong right arm.
Matza was and is a poor man's bread. As I eat the matza, I am to remember that there are people who are hungry and work to help feed them. Can I truly feed every soul in the world?
No, but the ones I can, I do.
We are to remember we were once slaves and work to see no man, woman or child is ever enslaved again, working to free those bond now.
We are now a free people. Free from the chain of spiritual slavery and offer that freedom for others.
As I relive those days of old during the Feast, I am once again humbled by what G-d has done in my life.
That's why it isn't hard to give up the pizza for eight night.
So now back to my putting away the dishes and such for another year. And sweeping up matza crumb. I keep finding matza in some of the strangest places.

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