Tuesday, 14 February 2012

The Courage to Heal

During the month of Black History, we tend to think of the famous men and women who made a difference in our nation, in our world.
But for every Martin Luther King Jr. Rosa Parks, Oprah and Bill Cosby, there are others who in their quiet of the world, working to make our world place to be.
Take my cousin Renae. Her life is the story of one who had the courage to be healed.
During our growing up years, mostly in the summer and holidays, it was Elayne, Eileen (my sister) and Renae. She was very much a little sister to me. We loved each other, we fought like cats and dogs. And we loved each other.
Renae came one year to live with us. I don't remember why, but I tend to remember with a smile. The beauty of her mother, my aunt Lola and the wit and brains of her father, my uncle Oscar, Renae always had a way with words.
In her youth, like so many, Renae got caught in the drug scene. How often aunt Lola would call mummy, asking for her prayers.
It's Renae story to tell and I hope one day she will indeed write her story and publish it. For hers is a story of faith, courage and victory over the demons that could have taken her from us.
Many years ago, Renae, while in prison, turned her life around. She became a believer in Yeshua HaMessiah, married a wonderful man, a minister and is now the First Lady of her husband's church which she is very active in.
I know it wasn't easy, but Renae made the choice to change, to live. Renae took hold of the demon of drugs and beat that sucker to the ground and dared it to even try to come back. A struggle yes, but she did it.
Renae chose life.
And because Renae chose life, our world is a much better place to live.
I love you, Renae
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