Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Time in A Bottle

Sometime in the early morning, I had a dream, one that has remain with me like the scent of fresh cut roses.
In my dream, I was looking for packing time. I heard my mother suggest I look in the basement. So, I went outside our building and headed for the basement.
But it wasn't the basement of my apartment building. Well lit and clean. And a staircase led to a door that was ajar.
I went upstairs and opened the door.
I closed my eyes and inhaled.
Peppermint candy.
It had been more than forty years, but I knew I had to knock on the door.
"Come in Elayne."
I knew that voice. Called to heaven forty years ago, but I knew that voice.
Grandmother Callie Prude
She sat in the Queen Anne chair next to her dresser, her bible on her lap, wearing a purple dress with a white collar.
I remember asking her when will I get to wear a purple dress like her.
She would tell me, "when your an old woman like me,"
She motioned for me to sit on her bed and I did. I had forgotten this room. I was once again five years old and Grandmother let come in to spend a little time with her.
Grandmother mother Callie lived with us the first five years of my life, then went to live with other family members.
I remember her Bible, a table Bible she loved to read.
A Bible my mother would later use as a study Bible.
A Bible I now have.
I remember the wallpaper the beautiful, soft bed, the light from her lamp was always soft.
Grandmother smiled. I told her she looked just like mummie when she smiles.
Grandmother laughed and said; "your just like your mother.'
I asked Grandmother, "what was mummie like as a little girl?"
Grandmother laughed and gave me a wink and said once again, "your just like your mother."
She then said, "I see you still haven't manage to tame that hair, girl."
I giggled. It's true. It finally has grown back long enough for me to braid, but still untamed.
 I then saw her long, silver, thick braid resting on her shoulder. I always loved to play with her hair.
She reached into the top draw and handed me the packing tape I needed.
I thanked her and took the roll, touching her hand.
Just as soft and warm as I remember. She still of ivory soap, Jergers lotion and peppermint candy.
She asked where I was going and I told her I was going on a field trip to Bush Gardens.
"Let me give you something."
As Grandmother stood, I stepped out of her way.
While I am told I am the spitting imagine of Grandmother, I was not blessed with her height. Grandmother Callie stood at six foot and solid. She was, as they say, a handsome woman.
She opened the drawer and and handled me a camera.
But not just any camera. An major upgrade from the I have, more like one a professional would use. She taught me how to use and then, with a kiss, send me on my way.
I didn't wish to leave, but I knew my time with my grandmother was coming to a close. She sat back down and went back to her bible reading.
Upon walking outside, I saw the group I would be travelling with to Bush Gardens, showing them my new camera.
My friends were amazed. Nothing like this was even on the market yet....
I awoke and felt Mark take me in his arms.
I told him my dream. He listened, amazed by the detail I could remember.
As I write this I still remember every sight, sound, scent and texture. I can see my grandmother's face.
It was as if I was given a few minutes with the woman would changed my diapers, sung me lullaby's, was there to saw my first steps and hear my first words. Who would let me play with her
button collection and loved to dance and sing. Who read me bible stories and shared her peppermint candy. I am a believer that G-d does speak in dreams. And I do believe He is telling me something.n
If only I could save that sweet time in a bottle.
For now, I guess this blog will have to do.
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