Friday, 3 February 2012

Get Rid of The Box.

Whatever legal form one fills out, there is that four letter word.
That ugly little box we are asked to check-off.
I remember the first time I was given the option, Other. I smiled and wrote human.
I still do.
We are one race, the human race. We are various colours, various cultures, various beliefs. But the same race.
That's so simple, Laini.
Yes, I know. It is.
That very simple thought of respect for each other, as fellow human beings, would frankly stop war, hunger and crime. If only wewould see each other as Scrooge's nephew once stated; "all people as fellow travellers to the grave and not some other race of creatures bound on other journeys." (from a Christmas Carol)
When my mother was born, upon her birth records she was listed as, Coloured.
When my mother gave birth to me, upon my birth records I was listed as, Negro.
When I gave birth to my son, upon his birth records, he was listed as African American.
One day, those stupid little boxes will be done away with and we will be known as we truly are.
Human Beings.
Children of G-d
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