Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Montague's New Look

Montague has been with us almost three months.
It is hard to imagine our lives without this little guy.
Over the weekend, we learn Montague is really a Papillon. Which for me is an answer to pray, because I have always wanted a Papillon.
And a poodle.
I even found an army doggie jacket for Montague.
After all, we are an army reserve family.
Finally, our tax return came in. And after paying some bills, we figure it was time to take our little Mush-Mush (our nickname for Montague) to the groomers.
PetSmart has a pet grooming section called Paws and Purrs. We went ahead and went for the Spa treatment. This included the brushing of his teeth, nail care and the scent of the month as well as shampoo, conditioner and fur trim.
Since Monte now looked more like a lion club than a dog and this our first time working with a groomer, we put our Boo-Boo in the good hands of the groomer and headed home to take care of a few things.
Three hours later, we arrived back to find a much lighter Montague.
Sorry for the sideways picture, I'm still trying to figure out to straighten such pictures out.

As you can see, after his grooming, Montague truly is a Papillon. And so very cute. I swear he looks a good five pounds lighter.

Which means, more and more pictures. And since Montague loves to have his picture taken, you won't hear any complains.
Oh, and Montague does say, "Cheese."
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