Thursday, 9 February 2012

Great is Thy Faithfulness

Boker Tov;

Upon waking up, we offer the following:
מודה אני לפניך מלך חי וקיים שהחזרת בי נשמתי בחמלה, רבה אמונתך.‏
Transliteration: Modeh ani lifanekha melekh hai v'kayam shehehezarta bi nishmahti b'hemla, raba emunatekha.
Translation: "I give thanks before You, Living and Eternal King, that You have returned within me my soul with compassion; Great abundant is Your faithfulness!"

I love this blessing. How often we take for granted waking up in the morning. G-d, in His mercy allows our eyes to open. He allows the breath in our body to flow and out of our mouths we praise Him.
I remember for the longest time, opening my eyes and uttering the words; "good L-rd, it's morning."
But many years ago, when I found this blessing, I remember my grandmother Callie would utter her breath these words of thanks, words she heard her father, Samuel Mixon utter.
I remember when Aries and I lived with my mother for a time, I could hear mummie as she would give up, hearing her slide from her bed to her knees to pray, to give thanks for a new day and for His guidance.
I used to pray; "L-rd, give me a good day. But one morning, I felt Him whisper, "How about just walking with Me today, and let Me guide You." And after all these years, it is still a joy to see where He will lead me.

Shortly after we were married, Mark and I bucked down and really worked on learning these blessings, holy words that have been the life breath of our people. It was during this time I remembered the sweet morning blessing.
During my depression, I forgot those blessings. All I could do was sit and stare into space. Or sit and cry. That's when it is truly a blessing to have a praying husband.
But I also knew G-d could understand the language of my tears.
And then He brought Montague into our lives.

I remember uttering the words, "Thank you, Father for this precious little furball." The G-d of Creation, made this little bundle of furry love and gave him to me. To teach me once again to give thanks. Just those few little words and a doggie's kiss broke the dam.
So once again, when I awake, I give thanks to The Holy One for allowing me this day, a day that holds its own surprises.
As I prepare to take my little guy out for his morning walk, I give thanks. I give that for my health, for my beloved husband, for Montague and for the sunny day I am about go and enjoy.
And I give thanks that my Heavenly Father with be walking with us.
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