Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Anesthesia, Oxygen and Other Stuff

Boker Tov;
It has bee a week since the upper GI series.
Funny, but it took the anesthesia to stop the heartburn. To work the gas out of your body, a lady must allow herself to "burp" and "pass gas". The very things that bring relief to heartburn. And there was enough anesthesia in my body to take care of the bloating and the heartburn.
No heartburn since last Monday.
As many of you know, the next day (the next evening) there was a reading done on my oxygen levels at night while I sleep.
Well the results are in. As of Monday night, I am on three liters of oxygen for eight hours each night. The normal oxygen is in the ninties. My drops for a short period of time to sixty-three. It seems that my lungs are still recovering from the sever asthma attack I had in March. My doctor believes that this treatment will help my lungs to heal fully.
But it is a loud machine!
I call it the Grey Beast because of the noise.
And what is worse, it whispers. I got up several times the first night, thinking there people in the house, thinking, maybe I have a family of "Borrowers" living in the cupboards or the stuffed animals really do come to life and are having a grand time.
So I am hoping that my mother is right. That tonight, the third night is the charm and I can truly sleep.
Otherwise the grey Beast is getting thrown out the window.
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