Sunday, 11 April 2010

A Hard Week

This week is a hard one; this week we celebrate both my beloved's and my son's birthdays.
My beloved is in deployed; I have no relationship with my son.
And for those who have kept up with this blog, it is by his choice, not mine. There has been no falling out. At least on my part.
He has just chosen to lead his own life.
And while that saddens me, it is not only his choice, but his right.
We have the right to chose who we wish to have a relationship with and just because there is a blood connection, that doesn't mean we have to be part of each others lives, unless we chose.
Many would disagree with me: that I should demand answers.
That's not how I roll. I will not force myself on anyone.
And that includes my son.
This week is Mark's 40th birthday. Thank you to those who have asked for his address and are sending him birthday cards. For him, at work, it will be just another day.
He wishes to wait until he gets home and do a celebration.
I already have some ideas.
It has been a few days since I heard from my beloved. But I chose not to worry, trusting him in G-d's hands. I don't listen to the news. This keeps the stress down.
But I did find a Best of the Cosby Show at our video store and that is what I plan to watch. I love Mr. Cosby.
The Cosby Show. When TV was truly worth watching.
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