Tuesday, 20 April 2010

My Life

Laili Tov:
The past few days have been rather interesting.
First, if you notice, I am catching up on my blogging.
I'd had a bad case of heartburn for about three weeks. What was thought to be stomach flu, seems to be more serious.
Thankfully, my doctor said it wasn't my heart, the heartburn was what raised concern.
I had already been referred to a Upper GI doctor because of the anermia (iron decficieny) and it was felt that she could also find out what was happen in the tummy.
So yesterday, after fasting water and food after midnight, I had to go in around 1 pm for an Endoscopy series.
Now I have to admitt, going without my morning cup of coffee was tough, but I thought ot this as Yom Kippor practice, the Day we do go without food and drink.
But one of dr B's patient's came into the E.R with a stomach bleed, so everyone was pushed back.
That meant instead of going into the treatment room for the tests, I was getting an IV. At the time I should have been on my way home, I was being wheeled the room for the series to begin.
In short, I didn't get home until after 7 pm.
And while it turns out I have a bad case of acid reflux, it is not enough to cause the problems I am having with a low blood count.
So this morning I recieved a call. The doctore has ordered a overnight Oximetry. It will test my blood's oxygen saturation levels while sleeping. The sensor goes on my finger and when it is time to go to bed, i am to press and release the little buttom on the Oximeter, which is no bigger than a cell phone. it will read oxygen saturation and pulse rate. When I get up, I hold the buttom dwom until the little light goes off and the unit will picked later in the morning
I am just thankful the doctor is so on top of things.
So, once this thing is picked up, I will mail off Mark's carepackage and finish my floors. My wood floors need my attention.
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