Thursday, 29 April 2010

A Good Night Sleep and Back to the Hebrew

Boker Tov:
I can honestly say last night I had a good night sleep and the Grey Beast is safe.
I believe partly I was just dead tired and two after playing with the nasel tube I was able to fix it comfortably so I could wear it and not choke.
I also notice I am not waking up coughing.
Which is a very good thing.
So while I am up early, I am not as tired as the past few days.
Mark had an major inpection this past weekend for I finally got to speak to him yesterday. While I hate those times it is a week or so between calls, the one good thing is we get to speak for at least an hour.
My hebrew studies are coming slow, but just as I was about to give up, a friend send me a clip about Reggie White.
I didn't know Reggie White had even passed away. But the last nine months of his life was spend learning hebrew. He wanted to read and study G-d's Word in the orginal language, hebrew. Like so manyof us, Reggie didn't want man's translations or tradition, but what does the orginal words say and mean. And for those who know hebrew and those of us who are studying it, know there is a huge difference.
So, Mark reminded me of a book we have and I pulled it out.
And for the love of G-d and His Torah, to make my beloved proud and in Reggie White memory, I recommitt to my hebrew studies.
But first, coffee.
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