Sunday, 4 April 2010


Shalom Everyone.
It has been an intersting few days.
There is a stomach flu going around and of course I found it. So I am living on soup and because I also have heartburn, gingerale. It helps brings up the bubbles so I can feel better.
My mum suggested Baking Soda and that seems to help as well.
Marty: the pizza was awful. No taste whatsoever. I'll stick my matzah and rasberry preserves. Streits makes a great preserves for Passover.
Linda: Challah is the egg rich, sweet bread we enjoy on Shabbat. Often braided, it can be filled with raisins or as my husband likes, chocolate chips. In the beginning, the Challah was a meal itself, at times, even meat was baked into it. My adopted brother (may he rest in peace) is from Isreal, he was the first and only member of the family to leaave the land since the days of Moshe. This was one of his family's tradition's. And one day, I shall add a matzah ball soup recipe. Their really easy to make.
Today, Messianic Hebrews celebrate resurrection Sunday as Bikkurim, which means “firstfruits.” Bikkurim celebrates the first of the three harvest seasons in Israel, the counting of the Omer, and the resurrection of Yeshua as G-d’s best “first fruits” gift to us.
Since the counting of the Omer began Wednesday, many of us celebrated the Resurrection a few days ago. This has been one of those issues long in discussion, back in the days of Yeshua Himself. When is Bikkurim. One group of religious leaders said it was the third day after Passover, no matter what day of the week it fell. Another group said it felt on the first day of the week, what is call Sunday.
We find in history that it seems that when Yeshua was Resurrected, it was on a day all parties would agree: the third day after Passover and the first day of the week.
Do I believe Yeshua rose from the dead?
Yes, I do. And that is why we celebrate Bikkurim, for Yeshua is the "FirstFruits of the Dead."
And yes, it is a matter of faith.

It has been a most beautiful day. I opened the backdoor to enjoy the fresh air and enjoyed the day did some reading. It's been several days, but I finally recieved a call from Mark. He send me his pictures from their Passover Seder.
I shall post them later.
He recieved his Carepackage yesterday, and everyone is enjoying the Passover goodies.
After Passover (in a few days) I turn my attention to Mark's birthday.
It is the big 4-0. And I what to make it as special as I can.
His address has changed again, so if anyone would like to send him a card, please let me know, so I can send his address.
His birthday is very easy to remember;
It's April 15th :)
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