Monday, 13 December 2010

The First Snow

Boker Tov:
We are enjoying the first snow of  December 2010.
I am enjoying it because i don't have to go out into it.
I am sticking to going for walks and unless the weather is really nasty, I am going for a brief walk this morning.
The crisp, semi-clean air shall do me good.
It is the different of the snow in Montanta. There the snow is clean and stays white for days.
And of course you can enjoy snow if you have to deal with it for a few weeks.
But Mark is happy. He loves snow.
And right now, anything that makes Mark happy, makes me happy.
I am looking out my study window, the snow still falling softly.
It is pretty.

In the livingroom I hear Mark practicing the Shabbat prayers. How I love to hear the chant of the prayers of our forefathers. I love to hear Mark chant the prayers, filling the morning air with the Holy Words. I sometimes stop typing just to listen. Why don't I join him? Because this is his time with the Holy One.
What really makes me smile is when I hear Mark say my name, bringing me to the Throne of G-d. There is nother like knowing, hearing your husband pray for you.
And while do we do pray with each other, it is important to pray for each other.
It was what got me through that time of hell was praying to G-d for my husband, asking for not only the strenght, but the wisdom to help my beloved.
Like snow, prayer is pure and clean, cleasing the air of that which is impure.
Ever notice how people stop what their doing, gather at the window and look outside when snow falls. They draw closer, visions of snowball fights and hot coco fill their heads. That people look up into the sky to see where the snowflakes is coming from.
Prayer is like that.
You know, I hope the snow does stick. I rather like the idea of having a snowball fight with Mark.
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