Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Ok, Where is The Snow?

It is late afternoon. Mark is running a few errands while I catch up on blogging.
As he walked out the door, a gust of cold air blew in.
It has been cold the past several days. I keep looking for snow.
Not because i want snow, but because it is cold enough.
Cold enough for hot cuddling underneath the blanket, slipping on hot coco, popcorn and watching back to back verisons of A Christmas Carol.

I rather like the way things have settled down in our lives. Mark is feeling so much better. I see improvements every day. It took some time for him to admit he suffered from PTSD, but once he admitted it and now getting the help he needs, there is calm in the house.
So now this last night of Hanukkah, we begin to look foward to the future. Of finding a home, starting a family and beginning to plan for the day Mark retires, which is a few years away.
In the meantime, I am keeping my eye out for the snow.
Maybe it will be enough for a snowball fight with my beloved.
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