Sunday, 12 December 2010

It feels So Good to Smile Again!

I have to say that I enjoyed the quiet this morning.  It felt good to sleep in; I must have really been tired!  When I woke up, I felt refreshed and ready to take on the day.  I chanted, “Modeh Aini,” Hebrew prayer said first thing in the morning.  It translates:
I thank You, O living and enduring King of life.  For You watched over my soul with compassion and returned it to me in faithfulness.  Great is Your faithfulness.
I could feel my attitude changing from what I had been experiencing only two weeks ago for I suffered from depression.  No, I had allowed depression to overcome me.  Depression is such a cruel, enslaving disease.  It oppresses; it dominates; it causes people to not think, but to turn inward and focus on themselves.  Instead of focusing on those we love, we focus on ourselves.  We only see the world through our lens; we have trouble seeing ourselves as others see us.  Finally, with the help of my Beloved, I had decided and had started to turn away from depression and to turn towards thinking about life.  I have to say I am so glad that my Beloved never gave up on me and always found a way to fuss over me and encourage me.
Yesterday, I really enjoyed getting to meet with other like-minded believers.  It really uplifted my Beloved and me.  We finally felt like we are part of a group that accepts us as we are.
Again and again, my Beloved told me that others had been praying for us.  To them, I say, “Thank you.”  Please continue to pray for us that our G-d will give us the strength to endure and the wisdom to know the right way to walk.  And know that it feels so good to just smile again!
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