Monday, 27 December 2010

We're On Our Way Home

So after one more wonderful night in Williamsburg, we are on our way home.
It usually takes about an hour to get home, but in this weather, it might take all day. It shall be a slow going, but that's ok. We have the Torah and Psalms of CD to play.
And of course we can talk.
I enjoy talking with Mark. He is such an interesting man. A hebrew sholar who is also a soldier and science teacher. Makes for some interesting discussions.
Our snowball yesterday was brief, for we found Laini needed longjohns. We weren't thinking snow, so we didn't pack for it. 
Good we did wear boots, however.
 So off to Wal-Mart we went. I found two pairs to go with the three I have at home. The store, of course was packed.
After x-mas shopping you know.
After a wonderful supper of streak and baked pototoe, we headed upstairs, to settle in for the evening. The snow was still falling, so soft and whie, so peaceful. Everything looked so fresh, clean and renewed.
We stood at our hotel window, each with a cup of hot coco and watched the snowfall.
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