Monday, 20 December 2010

Just Plain Cold.

Boker Tov:
This has to be one of the coldest Demember's in Virginia. I know it is mostly like the second or third since I'd lived here. We awake to find the windows frozen over and hurrying to make coffee.
It's just plain cold.
Adding to the problem is the apartment itself is cold.
We have a small heater in the bedroom we use at night. In the morning, we have to close the bedroom door, and turn on the heaters in the dinningroom and the livingroom to warm up these rooms that we use during the day. We have to let the water run about ten minutes for the water to heat up and wear longjohns under our clothing.
You would think we were living in a low income apartment or Windsor Castle. At least Windsor has fireplaces in evey room.
Sadly, we live in a building where there is an ongoing fight of the landlord complaining about the heating bills and tenates who are copmlaining about their cats having to heat up their Little Friskies before they eat it.
We live in a wonderful old building that has been allow to become rundown. Better to sell the building to people who would truly take care of it.
I know that it is a novel concept, but how you care for what you have been given, even the people in your life, is a reflection of the person you are, the condition of your soul.
If you treat every one and every thing like a precious gift, then you have a soul of gold.
But if you threat your belonings, the people about you like I need to say more?
So as we look for a new home, we are looking for a house where the owner put in much love and care into it. Where the precious memories of those who lived here linger long after the family moves out and blends in with yours.
That no matter how cold it is outside, it is as warm as toast inside.
And that frankly is the only good thing about this apartment being cold.
More cuddle time with my beloved.
Back to househunting.
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