Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Snow Days

Boker Tov;
It is our first  morning back home since the snow came. But if I had to get struck in a snowstorm, I can't think of a better place than a lovely hotel with my beloved.
To our surprise and delight, the roads were pretty clear from Williamsburg to Norfolk. As you can see, the road felt like we were driving through a Winter WonderLand. I kept expecting little snow fairies to popout at any moment.
Reaching Norfolk, we found the roads patchy with ice and snow, so we had to take care as drove. The few folks out and about were also careful.
We were back home in about two and a half hours, which wasn't too bad.
We made a stop at Starbucks (Marty, I have a picture for you) for Peppermint mochas. I was telling Mark this new snowstorm reminded me of the one I flew back into last Januray from Montana. 
If you remember, I spend almost a month in Montana and two nights before I returned home, Virginia was hit with snow. Interesting that we began the year and now end it with snow.
After making friends with two black greyhounds, a brother and sister named Roger and FeeFee,  we headed home and found to our delight that the heat had been on and the apartment was comfortable. It stayed that way most of the day and into the night.
Ah to be home again! Mark had brought me flowers a few days before we went away and when we came back, I found the liles had opened and the house was scented with the heavenly scent of lilies.
The scent of love.
I worked on my hebrew and after finishing the leftover chicken soup, Mark finished reading A Christmas Carol.
He had never read the book before and this was a treat. We had many long talks about the novel.
Now, this morning, we are enjoying a cup of coffee and listening to Fox News. So many people are still in airports, trying to get home. Cites like Boston and New York closed because of the snowstorms. How bless we are to be in our home. While the heat isn't the best, there is some. We have the comfort of our own bed.
O the things we take for granted.
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