Monday, 21 February 2011

The Blessing Dinner

Boker Tov
(Good Morning)
So yesterday was a nicel aid back day.
I didn't make the streak as planned: Mark brought home chicken, so we shall have the streak this evening.
It was early evening. I washed and did my hair and was about to dress in my hoodie footie, settling in for the evening when the phone rang.
It was our new rabbi, Howard.
"Hi Mark, are you guys still coming?"
"Yeah, coming where?"
That's when I remembered and screamed "THE BLESSING DINNER!"

The congregation had decided to wait until we had returned from our get away to hold the dinner, since it was at the Blessing Dinner Mark asked me to be his wife.
We were told the dinner would not be the same without us.
So, we quickly got dress, made a quick dish of hummus, olives and flatbread and by the grace of G-d, made their to Carl's; late and safe.
It was a wonderful evening. Each husband giving their wives roses and in two cases, the fathers gave their daughters a tulip. Each husband shared their heart, declaring that special love they have for their wives.
Carl, as always, sang to his beloved. This night he sang "I Saw Your Face." and every husband sang along. Son David held up the paper that had the words so Carl could sing as he played. I could have kicked myself for forgetting the video cameria.
Our teenagers also had a blast, watching the love their parnets had for one another, seeing what healthly relationships look like. That dispite we see in the media today that love grows, deeper, richer and more passionate with time.
We call it the Blessing Dinner, because it is the night the men in our fellowship chose as a group to bless their wives.
But I can honestly say, in our fellowship, it isn't just one night a year.
As we drove home, we talked over the evening, still giggling over our late arrival.
Mark said the following: "They love us so much. This group showers us with love."
How true. This group waited until we arrived home to have this celebration in the first place. For them to call and make sure we were coming, holding a special place at the table for us.
I are truly blessed to have these people in our lives.
It was truly, a blessing dinner.
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