Thursday, 17 February 2011

Love in Williamsburge: Part One

Boker Tov:
Mark had to attend a Job Fair today, so for the most part, I have the day here to myself here in Williamsbuge. It looks pretty so I might go for a walk.
But I miss my beloved.
We have one more day here, so I am catching up on some blogging.

Mark and I arrived here in Williamsburge Sunday evening, after Hebrew class and dropping off my laptop.
Again. That's another story.
We went to supper and then settled in for the evening.
We talked about the evening that we were engaged, how we both felt when we returned to our respected homes.
Mark told me that he had some many emotions; what had I done???? happy; I really do love her. She said yes.
Me: what have I done?????? happy; I really do love him. He really asked me to marry him.
How happy we both were the following days, but knew that there was a dark cloud over our heads.
Not everyone would be happy to hear we were engaged.

Monday dawned nice an bright. The weather warm.
There was a call from the front desk. Mark got and told Jeff that he was coming down anyway.
Mark said he was going down to bring me breakfast and there was a package downstairs.
So about twenty minutes later, Mark returned with a box only. Room service was bringing the morning meal.
He handed the box with a boyish smile.
Seems Major Reel had my Valentine's gift delievered to the hotel.
Now what could this be?
Well, my beloved decided to do a little shopping, via Pajama Gram. The little blue package is bath petals to soften my bath water.
The roses are rose scented soaps.... The right is a nasty nightie....and we shall leave it there....
And the pink in the bottom is a Hoodie Footie. A Pink Furry, Fuzzy, Cozy, Hoodie Footie. To be honest, I did drop a few hints that this is what I wanted.

Mark had my nickname stitched in.

I love the Footies and if your feet get too warm, you can remove them.

I had just gotten settled into my new PJ's when there was a knock at the door. Breakfast had arrived. And so had another box.
Now this green box has appeared at my door for almost six years, so I knew what this was....

And I wasn't disappointed.....
Mark went out to pick up my medication for me, insisting I stay here at the hotel. A few hours later, I found out why...
Carolina CupCakes. The CupCakes in Hamption Roads.
Looks I am going to be doing a lot of walking.
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