Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Mummie Jordan's 77th Birthday

Yesterday was my mother's 77th birthday.
It was when I was in middle high school that I realize that my mother was born in samr month that we celebrate Black History month.
I think that's fitting.
It was a beautiful Saturday morning. Mark and I invited mummie to join us for service with our new shul. More about that at another time.
Our new synagouge now meets in a sunday school classroom; it's that small. But it is also nice because right now, everyone already knows everyone.
Several of the members were actually in our wedding, so it was nice for her to see them again.
She truly loved the service and wishes to go again for the next service.
After the service, we went to Golden Corral, for both fellowship and to celebrate Mummie's birthday.
What is left of mummie's cake. We don't know what happen, but a corner of the cake got mashed in. later, I placed it on the hood of the car is and it slit and hit the ground. But the cake, like mummie has survivored life's knocks and remains sweet.

Rabbi Howard and his boy. Mark and our rabbi. Howard calls this picture, "Jews From the Hood." Mummie loves it.
Mummie's birthday card.

Me and my mummie. Yeah, I am still a mama's girl. And truly blessed to be known as her daughter.

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