Thursday, 17 February 2011

Love in Williamsburge; Part Two. And Mark?

Boker Tov:
So you got all these wonderful gifts. That's so sweet and loving of your husband. But what did he get?
Glad you ask.
Whether you call this time St. Valentine's Day, Lover's Day, Blessing Day (as we do in our home) I believe it should be a day showing love to EACH OTHER.
Yes, it is the  Day for wooing the lady you love in hopes of winning her hand and heart. But what about showing your man some love too?

So, when we talked about going away for the week, I paid for the hotel room.
And I am just as sneaky as Mark (wink)
I put the vase of red roses next to our bed, along with two tall wine glasses and a bottle of white wine, The Governor's Special, bottled right here in Williamsburg Winey.
So later Monday evening, after Supper, Mark found this when he entered our room....

Mark loves Curious George, so every celebration has to include dear old George.

I am PEAnuts for you.

Aren't we cute?

Passion Cookie :)
Candy Hearts; Black Cherry, Vanilla Cupcake, smells yummy.
A little eye candy...

Mark said he adored his gifts....and I'm not finished.
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