Friday, 19 October 2012

Operation; New Beginning, Part 3

Hey boys and girls, we are half way through packing the Reel Tent.
My sitting room is no more.
But Mark promises one day, when we have a home of our own, I will once again have my lady's chamber.
But in the mean time, we push forward with the move.
I awoke this morning around four with a will. After morning prayers, I got busy packing up the Shabbath table, the place where I set up for Shabbath each week.
I got the idea from a friend who set a small table with all the holy objects for Shabbath. It is my special holy place, where I am the woman of the house ushers in Shabbath.
It was hard taking it apart, for my precious treasures have rested here in this same place, this same space for seven year.
That's 364 Shabbaths! Not counting the Feast of the L-rd.
As I break down the Dinning room. I cannot help but think that we left a little of the Holy in this place, that His sweet Presence shall be felt by those who live here next, that they shall be blessed by the sweet memories and by the Divine that dwelled here.
We were blessed two friends come over and help us move some boxes this afternoon. This will make more room for the workers tomorrow. I hate moving on Shabbath, but it can't be helped. The church that is helping us move is only free tomorrow and we are blessed to have their aid. I know the Holy One will bless their kindness.
Monti is slowly beginning to adjust to the move. As you can see, Monti is sitting in my chair, watching the work taking place. He will be going to stay with another family tomorrow so that the little guy doesn't get in the way.
Well, back to packing.
Until next time,
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