Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Ten Days

Yesterday morning, Mark headed off to court. We knew what would happen; Mark would appear before the judge, admit we have not been able to pay our rent and we would have to leave.
Mark didn't even get to see the judge.
He met with the landlord's lawyer, the lawyer told Mark judges don't even listen to these cases unless your fighting the eviction. "I'm glad you came Mr. Reel. You own a lot of money. You have ten days to leave the apartment.
It was that clear cut.
So after he got home and had a bit to eat, Mark called the Deacons and took them all that happen. The deacons on their part began to get the funds together to pay the first month's rent. I could see the struggle; being asked to leave your home isn't the easiest thing to handle. I had to remind him this isn't a reflection on him as a  man; Mark had done everything he could to meet the rent.
And while this is tough, at least we have a place to go. Not everyone is so blessed.
So today, Mark went over to sign the lease. Chris, our new landlord, said if we could pay him the rent today, he would knock off 200.00 off the deposit.
So Mark met up with the deacons, they gave him the check, got a copy of the lease and Chris got his check.
And 200.00 was knocked off the deposit.
When Mark returned home, he had several boxes so I can start packing.
So we have ten days to move out of the apartment we have called home for seven years to our new home. It is a new start, a fresh beginning. A second chance.
A new path to travel on this adventure.
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