Thursday, 18 October 2012

Operation New Beginnings Part 2

Well after taking the day off, it is back to packing.
As we pack up the Reel Tent, I find myself often asking the question, "do I really need this?" And often the answer is no. Either Mark and/or I have out grown it or don't need it.
So we have a box set aside for thing to go to Good Will. Not junk, but loving second hand treasures.
We have been blessed boxes; Hope Haven where mummie Jordan lives, saved a brunch of boxes and new friend Jerry, saved boxes for us as well from a recent shipment of comic books (Jerry owns  the Comic Book Store where my brother David use to work.)
Our neighours have been dropping off boxes for us well, sorry to see us leave,  but vowing to keep in touch. Already we have the phone numbers of seven of  our neighours and when we have the house dedicated, we will invite them over.
We are really having fun as we pack up. Memories of the first weeks we moved in, having to dig out long johns because the heat wasn't on yet, creating the sun room into a breakfast nook, only to find the sun didn't shine into the room until four in the afternoon. And Monti running through the apartment with our undergarments.
A few days ago, I had gone into the kitchen to turn off the tea kettle and returned to the living room, to continue packing. From the corner of my eye, I noticed a large box moving slightly.
Knowing we don't have ghosts, nor were any trucks driving by, I figured there was another reason.
And I didn't see Monti any where....
Just as I thought. Since the box top is the same level as the sofa, it would be logical for Monti to check it out....
I think he looks rather comfortable.....
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