Monday, 1 October 2012

A Free Phone

Well I am sure most of you have heard or seen the video about the woman who goes on and on about voting for Mr. Obama because "he's going away phones."
Well, to be honest, it isn't an Obama give away, but a program that helps people on a fixed income have a basic phone. And what is wrong with that? In case you need to call 9-11, keep in touch with your ailing parents, or like in Mark's case, if someone calls wishing to set-up a job interview.
Since we lost our phone service two months ago, I can tell you first hand what a nightmare it is not to have a phone. The hospital needed to reach me one morning about my friend David and found the service turned off. It took two days for the doctor to track me down.
Why? No phone.
So, with the receiving of Food Stamps, Mark and I also received an government phone. We get 285 minutes a month. If we need more minutes, well we pay for that ourselves.
And this is the phone. A basic phone. You can send and receive text, voice mail and address book to hold phone numbers. Half the time it drops calls or won't dial. Sometimes the person you called can't hear you saying hello and hangs up, thinking it is a prank call.
It is not a Blackberry.
Yes, I am thankful to have a means to stay in touch with the outside world. But you would this the way this woman has carried out, it was an IPhone.
It is just a plain phone. Not a reason to vote to keep a man in the highest office.
Now if this nation's unemployment was at an all time low than high, if fewer people needed food stamps and free cheap phones, instead of more people receiving government assistance, then I can see singing his praises...
"I was on welfare and Mr.Obama got these job programs goin' see, and I went and got on one of them and...and I got me a job! A J-O-B! I got off welfare and I can take care of me and my kids! Vote for Obama! He gets you jobs!"
Now that would be a reason to vote for anyone.

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