Wednesday, 17 October 2012

The Reels Meet Romney

Today Mark and I took a break from packing.
Yesterday morning, a friend send a link for free tickets to attend a rally in support of Gov. Mitt Romney. The event would be held upon the grounds of Tidewater Community College (TCC) in Chesapeake.
So last night, Mark printed out the tickets and this morning, after dropping Monti off at Doggie Daycare, we headed off for TCC.
It was a beautiful, sunny morning. We noted it was a good thing we left early; we didn't run into much traffic and found a nice parking spot.
Making things easy for all, there were shutters back and forth to the campus, not just for crowd control,  but security, which was quite high.
We were actually excited about attending the event, the first political rally for both of us. We knew we were part of something bigger than us. Given how our lives have been impacted by Mr.Obama and not for the better, it was important that we were there, adding our voices to the "change" we wanted to see in the White House, in the direction of our nation.
The air was filled with laughter and music. All Motown hits. I have to admit, I approve of Mr.Romney's taste in music. The lines getting onto the grounds were long, but with the music playing and people swaying to the beat as they chatted, no one really seen to mind.
I found myself having my picture taken a lot. The last time I drew such a crowd was when I was in Turkey and the locals thought I was Nell Carter from Gimme a Break.
At one point, a woman asked if I was Muslim.
"No, madam, I am Hebrew and I wear the attire of my fore mothers (though mother Sarah didn't wear blue jeans).
She then asked, "do you mind if I have my picture taken with you."
Of course. I knew the reason. It's for the same reason I came, that I brought my camera. How often we hear no non-white person will vote for Mitt Romney.
Well, here I am.

As you can see, Mark and I have found ourselves right behind where the speakers would take their place. And to tell the truth, it was a pretty good point. We also recorded some video, hope to have that up tomorrow.
As you can see, we "have Mr.Romney's Back." We kept waiting for him to turn around so I can get a better picture him. I will tell you, he already carrys himself as the President. Standing straight and tall, clearly a mature man, a man secure in himself and yet modest. And doesn't look a bit of sixty-five years old.
When it came to thank our armied forces for their service, that is when Mr. Romney turned around.
Seeing Mark's raised hand, Mr. Romney nodded at him. So cool.
But I have to admit to my favourite part....
When Mr. Romney speaking, he worked the crowd, shaking hands and thanking folks for coming, for their support.
When he saw me, he reached his full length and not only shook my hand, but squeezed it. And while someone stepped into the shot so you can't see him holding my hand, it is me Mr. Romney is speaking to.
We met many folks at the Rally; young and old, Black, White, Asian, Hispanic, my newest friend, who a Mormon, a pastor friend and his wife and a lady from our shul. We met a older gentlemen, retired navy who's forty-three year old son had to return home to live with his parents because he couldn't find a job. "I'm not worry about myself," he told me. "I'm worry about my five grandchildren." I met a black student who had voted for Mr. Obama, but switch his support to Romney. When asked why.
his answer; "the dude lied."
Mark and I had already decided to vote for Mr. Romney, but being at the Rally today helped seal the deal. I like what I saw in Mr. Romney. Dull? No way. Stiff? Nope. Engaging? Quite. And that smile! The dancing eyes, the voice clear and strong. The firm hand shake. The way he looked me in the eye, knowing how tough it is for a woman of colour to go against the tide.
So after a day at Doggie Daycare and then a quick run through the Doggie Park, Monti is now sleep in front of the radio.
Mark is packing and I need to go and help. But what day it has been.
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