Monday, 8 October 2012

The Debate; What Debate?

Last week was the first of the debates.
I confess, I didn't watch.
One, despite the fact that I am a very good debater, I don't really like debates, I prefer discussions.
Two, I already know who I am voting for and could find a better use of my time.
Early on in the evening, I checked what was happening on facebook. I couldn't help but laugh reading the following comment from someone I know: "watching these two is as about exciting as watching moss grow."
Seems I had made the right choice, choosing to listen to Bach than to the Fox radio.
But then Mark came home from his meeting with the Deacons. He had been listening to the Romney-Obama debate on the way home.
"Laini, I don't know who Mr.Obama send in his place, but Mr.Romney is wiping the floor with him."
So went back on facebook to see what was being said;
"Romney cleaned his clock!"
"Romney showed up and showed out!"
And the one that floored me: "I was thinking about voting for Obama, but man, it's Romney all the way!"
I went to find the weather channel on the radio to see if hell froze over. Obama lost?
"Laini," Mark said with a sigh, "he didn't even show up!"
So I went to watch the repay on Fox online, and I tell you, I didn't watch long.
Now you know I am not an Obama fan... But what the heck happen to the man???
That was not  the Mr.Obama  I knew on that stage.
As I watched the beginning, I saw two things;
1. Mitt Romney came. Mitt Romney saw. Mitt Romney took over. He was cool, calm and collected. He stood straight and tall. He knew that he was going to debate the President, who's job he wanted. Mitt Romney also knew he would have to fight to get that job. Mitt Romney came to win.
And Mr. Obama.....
Where was he? Clearly he didn't wish to be there; he made that clear in both word and stance. His thoughts weren't together, he did not look even Mr.Romney, but at the floor, sometimes at his watch. Mr.Obama did not come to debate Mr Romney, he came to tell those watching why they should vote for him.
I couldn't watch the whole thing, it was too painful.
In the words of  the late Marvin Gay, Mr.Obama came up to Mr.Romney and said "here, my dear." Inessence, he handed Mr.Romney that win on a silver platter.
The only out I will give Mr.Obama is that night is this; that night Mr and Mrs Obama should have been out, celebrating twenty years of marriage. I believe he should have asked that the date be changed so that he could spend this most important night with his bride. Only the hardness of hearts would not have understood this. I believe Mr.Obama's mind was on his wife, not the man across from him.
I believe his heart, his spirit wasn't in that room, because they were with the wife of his youth.
Now, if the next day, Mr. Obama had said, "folks, I confess, I was off my game, I was thinking, 'man I can't wait to get off this stage and hold my woman' so I lost. But the next time...." I would have had more respect for him. But to blame his lost on Mr. Romney's "lying" is the whine of a poor loser.
Now, if  I were to advise Mr.Obama for the next debate, I would tell him first, watch Mr.Romney's performance from that night and see how Mr.Romney presented himself to the American people. Like the President.
I would tell him to find another debate coach.
 I would tell him, leave your watch at home, look at Mr.Romney and not your shoes
And last but not least, I have taken Malcolm X's personal statement as my own and suggest Mr.Obama do the same:
"all of the credit is due to g-d. Only the mistakes have been mine."
But I don't think he would listen to me.

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