Friday, 12 October 2012

Operation New Beginnings

On Tuesday, 1:00 pm, Operation New Beginnings sprang into action.
Tuesday evening, with boxes in hand, I began the task of packing the Reel Tent for our new base of operation, trying to figure where to begin.
After all, we are talking seven years of living in this apartment.
Seven years.
We moved into this apartment three months after we were married. I remember that afternoon, after looking at several apartments, saw this one and we both knew this was it.
We had myold livingroom set from my former apartment. Mark has his bedroom set.Over time we would replace it all with new things, creating our home together.
Seven years later, here we are, with twice as much as we came here with. And a Monti. Where do I begin?
This is where our marriage grew and matured. Where I would welcome Mark home from two deployments. Where we mourn the lost of our unborn baby. Where we welcomed friends and family for Holy Days, Shabbath and just fun get togethers.
Now, we are leaving this place. This apartment bathed with the love of two people who dearly loved each other and the G-d that brought them together.
Our engagement picture. Once sitting on a mantle, now in a packing box.
But soon, this picture will sit upon the mantle of our fireplace.
A new place. A new beginning. As I let go of the past, I am so ready for what the Holy One, Blessed be He has for us.
Now if only we can keep Monti out of the boxes.
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