Thursday, 27 December 2012



A few of you have asked what happen to the ads you have seen on the blog. One was ready to click and buy when she found the ad gone.
Well, because of a mistake (mine) Ad Sense has deactivate my account.
I made the mistake of clicking on an ad on my own page. That is a major no-no. Even if it was an honest mistake.
The way the ad was attached to the blog, I really thought it was aimed at me, to show me how to make videos and get a wider viewing of the blog.
Sadly, it wasn't for me and thus MY click violated the rules.
Besides, I wasn't earning that much.
So from now on, if there is something I think, you my faithful readers would interested in, I shall continue to write reviews and direct you to their site.
For the things I sell or if you enjoy the videos I will soon start posting (my creations) and would like support my work, Pay Pal is included on the side board.
I am sure Ad Sense is a wonderful source for many.
It just wasn't a good match for the Reels.
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