Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Nicholas of Mrya; Part 3

If Nicholas of Myra was born here in this past century, he would himself born amoung haters.
Santa Claus?????

 Nicholas was born to a wealthy family in Patara, Lycia.
With all of the rich not paying their fair share, why would Nicholas fair today? How about tossing bags of gold into the windows of the poor? Would he be taxed on his giving? 
And instend of being thankful for the gift received, would the poor instead, accept it as their do and be mad becase he didn't give more?
Oh and he was a Bishop, head of the Church of Myra, during a time when there was no such thing as a separation of Church and State.
A humble man who used his wealth to serve others because of what his uncle and Church taught him.
 Upon his parents deaths, Nicholas inherited a considerable sum of money, but as I stated above, he kept none of it. He gave it away; to his church and to care for the poor.
One of the most famous stories about his life, upon learning that a poor man did not have the money for the dowries for his three daughters. In those days, a woman who was not married was often forced into prostitution. Nicholas, however did more than "pray for the needs" of this man and his daughters; he through bags of gold the windows, into the drying stockings of the girls, ensuring the girls having a better future.
Of course, there are the stories of Nicholas resurrecting these same girls after an innkeeper beheaded them and prickled their bodies in a tub of brine. Or children saved being thrown into a pot of boiling oil.
These stories are up there with the Boy Yeshua making clay birds he formed, come to life and fly away. Fanciful.
It is Nicholas’s reputation his generosity and kindness gave rise to  many of the legends of miracles he performed for the poor and unhappy.
I always find myself wondering what Nicholas of Myra, if he were alive today, what would he think of what has happen to his memory.
That he is no longer dressed in Bishop attire, but like a pirate, leading a team of eight rein-deer and given god-like status.
Would he approve of children given a mini mall of toys, all the while they are children around the world who are staring? That he really doesn't visit all the good boys and girls of the world; how many a Jewish, Muslim and Hindi child, who are good as gold, never receive a toy. They too sing about his coming to town and write letters.
Santa Claus doesn't come to their homes because they don't believe in him.
Belief would no have matter to Nicholas; if there was a need, if it was in his means, Nicholas would meet it.
I frankly prefer Nicholas to Santa.
Thank you mummie, for teaching me about the real Saint Nicholas. I can only hope and pray my son is teaching my grandsons about this amazing man.

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