Friday, 21 December 2012

The New Quilt


After showering and dressing for the day, I decided to work on a small quilt. While I lost much material and well as my sewing machine to Hurricane Sandy, I did find batting for a crib size quilt. Years ago I found a beautiful piece of cloth that depicts an Victorian x-mas in shades of white and blue. A great quilt for a child from newborn to maybe toddle size, I thought it might fetch me a decent price.
Since my sewing machine got water logged and is no more, this project will be done by hand. I rather like sewing by hand. It is how I first learned to sew; my grandmother holding my hand as I held the needle, her helping me work a bit of cloth.

Later, in fourth grade, when we first stitch on brown paper towels, moving up to cloth. In fifth grade, we were big girls as we moved to Singer Sewing machines.
So as I work on this new quilt, trying to balance Monti on my lap, I pray for the child that will hold this quilt.
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