Monday, 10 December 2012

Hanukkahs Memories


So if you have followed our blog for any length of time, you know by now, Mark and I love Hanukkah.
It is more than the food, the fun and the fellowship, but a holy day we have celebrated together since Hanukkah 2002.
We celebrated our first Hanukkah together just before he was deployed to Iraq.
2003 would find me mailing Hanukkah cookies to Mark, still in Iraq.
2004, Hanukkah came the second week of Mark's Chemo treatment. This year, I taught Mark how to make latkes, Cajun fried chicken and salmon cakes for the holidays. He later told me this is when he really wanted to ask me to marry him, but with his battling cancer, he didn't know what the future held.
Until I reminded him the future isn't promise to any of us. I just wanted whatever time G-d would give us together.
2005, Hanukkah came six months after we were married and we celebrated this Festival of Lights with Mark's uncle and aunt. It was an amazing time to celebrate with family. We even went out for Chinese food :)
With a home of our own, Mark and I would start hosting Hanukkah parties, the only time we didn't is when Mark was deployed twice more. Twice again I found myself baking Hanukkah cookies and mailing off Hanukkah gift. The fun of receiving gifts from overseas; the only thing better would have been for Mark to deliever them himself.
Hanukkah this year is very different. Not just because we don't have money to exchange gifts, but because all of the trappings from Hanukkahs past are still packed up and the box lost to us. I can't even find my cookie cutters.
So the past few nights, as we lit our made shift Hanukkiah, Mark and I share the story of Hanukkah; both of days gone by and the 10 we have celebrated as a couple.
Creating yet another sweet memory.
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