Friday, 21 December 2012

Friday Morning, 9:30

Last Friday, 9:30 am, our lives changed forever.
A shower of bullets, rained down and cut down the lives of twenty-six souls.
Six miles away, laid the dead body of the first victim, the killer's own mother.
He shot his mother in the face in the bedroom of the home they shared. He obliterated her identity while she was in her bed, in the home they shared and she had homeschooled him for the last few years of their lives.
The reason? If the sources are correct, Mrs. Lanza had plan to have her son committed for mental health treatment.
The  experts say seeking treatment against someones will is fraught with difficulties. From first hand experience, I know this to be true.
He then stole his mother's guns and car, headed to the school where his mother loved to spend time with the children and took the lives of twenty children and six teachers.
Because he thought his mother loved the children of Sandy Hook more than him.
Six teachers. Six women. Mothers, grandmothers. One was to become engaged Christmas eve; he had already asked for her hand in marriage.
"No greater love have a man (or woman) who would laid down their life for another..."
Twenty little faces, now beholding the face of their Creator.
It was a week ago they left us and joined Him.
Friday morning, 9:30 am.
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